I drew this a month ago, so that means I’ve been laughing for a solid month.

1 week ago on 07/12/14 at 12:23am

Took a little break from Doom Cannon to do something to bring mean women and mean architecture together, two excellent things. Look up the Best Products buildings sometime, they’re my number one choice for threatening-looking retail stores.

Comics-wise, Daniel and I should hopefully have a sweet little preview of Doom Cannon stuff to post soon; I’d keep your eyes waaay peeled for that, just peel ‘em right into nothing because you’ll never want to blink again, Who-style.

Maleficent brush doodle from quite a while ago but finally topical and fresh.

1 month ago on 06/14/14 at 12:53pm


Hoverin’ Duka, part of the Doom Cannon crew. As sly as she is constantly pouring off irradiated heat, but maybe more heat.

Well I just figured out why my shoulder hurts real bad.

Quick ‘un based on Tiffany Ford’s color block series.

Some detail shots, ‘cause you can’t really suss out what a chicken ball is just by squinting.

My piece for “TECHNOTWONIC: A CANDY-COATED TECHNICOLOR FEVER DREAM” in the Julian Allen Gallery at MICA. The show opened last Friday and will be running for around a month, and there is no avoiding the eye cavities that follow. Go check it ooout.

Modified ready-to-wear, those shorts are a lie and now back to real work.